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Bobsledding Experience Winter

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Tired of being stuck in traffic every single day? Or coming to work and going through each and every work email long before you reach the office?

We bet you can’t wait to fly to Riga for your hen do and we want to make sure you get the best Riga hen party ever!

From sluggish traffic to adrenaline rushing through your veins, we’re taking your bride tribe on an icy adventure!

Ever felt like wanting to just blaze through everything, going extremely fast? Zoom down the track by including a winter bobsledding experience in your list of things to do in your hen party at Riga!

Zip and slide through the track with your gals and cut through the blistering winter winds on a winter bobsledding experience! You’ll be going so fast, you’ll be riding and gliding on the walls of the tracks as you race downhill toward the finish line! 

Winter bobsledding isn’t just for professional athletes! Whether you’ve spent all year watching movies and drinking wine, just looking for peace of mind, this is for you too!

Include this in your list of activities for your hen do at Riga and experience a throttling ride you can’t experience elsewhere! This adrenaline-filled activity will definitely make your Riga hen party something you will never forget!


English Speaking Guide

Return Transfers

Saftey Equipment

2 Rides Each


3 hrs


£ 39 per person

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