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Cider Bike

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Not a lot of people love going sightseeing if they’re not into visuals or history for that matter. But, it can actually be fun when done with your best friends.

Not everyone gets to travel with their best friends all the time and the Riga hen do is the only time you and the girls are all together again after so long. Some of you are wives and moms now and it just isn’t like what it used to be.

What if we told you you could go sightseeing with them but with a super fun twist? 

Introducing, the Cider Bike! 

Cycle through the streets of Riga for your hen party on the cider bike and hit two birds with one stone.

Take in the sights while relaxing with chilled glass of cider in hand. Well… we kind of lied about relaxing since you have to pedal the Bike all together as a team.

Drink up and pedal on and don’t worry about crashing into anything as you will be accompanied by a sober driver.

This is definitely one of the things to do in a Riga hen do. It’s a unique opportunity to catch up with the girls over booze while seeing Riga’s landmarks on your hen party. Just make sure you bring along enough people to pedal the cider bike!


English Speaking Guide

English Speaking Driver

3 Ciders per person

1 Hr Cider Bike Hire


1 hrs


£ 24 per person

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